Seriously! wtf? [Light Build]

Before light build 138gb free disk space… after a (failed) light build 15.6gb free disk space ???

Is your map very large with lots of meshes or foliage?

Sorry, guys figured it out. It was because i was running out of memory (all 16gb) when building light. I increased virtual memory, which oddly only seemed to have kicked in after a second restart. I think maybe unreal does not use virtual anyway, at least it seems?

I figured it was something to do with unreal, i remember a while back my disk space was being eaten up by some cache folder or something, i figured something similar had happened.
I set virtual memory (paging file) back to automatic and gained back over 100gb space.

Level is 3 rooms/small apartment with minimal furniture, couple of high poly meshes. Think i will need 32gb of memory before i can build it on heavy production settings.

Btw, i realised when i clicked on the c drive, then highlighted all folders > right clicked properties and the total was only around 50gb, that therefore it was probably something other than unreal engine.