Seriously... HOW do you attach the Debugger to an Android Device?!

I’ve honestly exhausted all possible options and documentation on this subject and completely give up, it seems to be completely impossible for me to Debug my game on an Android device, or any external device for that matter. My game won’t run correctly on Android but works fine on PC, and I’ve got no helpful information in LogCat. Currently testing on an nVidia Shield.

I’m assuming I’m doing it all right?

  • Build Game for DebugGame
  • Deploy Game to Device
  • Close Editor
  • In Visual Studio, switch to ‘DebugGame’ and ‘Android’ and hit Local Debug
  • ???
  • Recieve Glorious Debugging Information?

Unfortunately that just does not happen. What is the actual process for setting this up because documentation on this subject is practically non-existent.

Using Local Debugger…

Using Remote Debugger…

Seriously… how does this not work?

EDIT: Tried more things. Deployed the DebugGame version again, now I’m trying to attach directly to the process a different way. Unfortunately I have a window of about 2-4 seconds because the game crashes on Launch, so I can’t really ‘attach’ to anything… Even when I did eventually catch it, I got the following errors instead…

Using this window…

Tracking this issue here: