Serious Payment Problems


Bought UE4 day of release, used my debit card, happy days :slight_smile:

Just told my friend to buy it, his card doesn’t work, So he transferred me the money so I could use the same card I did for mine, Now that doesn’t work…

Is this an issue with the Server or something? Epic are still happy to renew my contract on that card as of the 24th of april, but I can’t use it to purchase UE4?



I would recommend you to post this into answerhub. :wink:

Also make sure that you take a look at this thread: Please read this if experiencing payment issues - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

Will do and unfortunately nothing written in there deals with or even comes close to the fact that I can pay with one card, but I can’t pay again, yet they renew my account no problem

Thanks though :slight_smile: