Serious level sequence problems


Using 4.15.2 here and I’m experiencing several random sequencer errors in final builds. Some whole animation-tracks or sometimes the event-track are ignored on playing the sequence in a final build.
Every track in a sequence is executed in editor, but the final build sometimes skip some. Ir could solve some by simply do an arbitrary change to the bogus track (moving a key a few frames back and forth, or duplicating every key in the events track). But every build you have to test every sequence because there is a chance of about 10-20% that some animation from every single previously working sequence might be broken. We are doing some real-time product visualizations which include a lot of feature animation done by sequences and at the moment this error costed us a few days in production and a fair amount of trust in online-rendering.

Somebody else experiences strange (missing) behavior with sequences?

same for me, i think i was doing something bad

Epic please do something about this. So I’m not alone. Running crazy because of tight production schedules.

Can you try the 4.16 preview release? We fixed a number of issues that sound similar to this.

It “updated” the sequences when i update to 4.16, but any change i do is not applied in final builds

Are the sequences being saved inside that movie folder?

Is there a solution regarding this? Does it work in 4.16?

same here 4.25