Serious export inconsistencies in new version using old license

I am still running the old style Promo license, but have recently updated the software. Now I am having serious inconsistencies when exporting models.

When I export a simple model, it works but sometimes it forgets to export the cameras or the .mtl file. When I try again it’s sometimes OK, sometimes not.

When I export a more complex model I get an error: File Not Found. It does export the mesh and sometimes the main texture. But I never get the camera texture or .mtl file.

This is very troublesome for me to work with. Can you please let me know what I can do or apply a bug fix please?


While awaiting an answer I set up a new scan and it also has the exact same problem: File Not Found. This is starting to have an impact on my project’s time line as I can’t export any models.

The Console is of no help either: “Processing failed: File not found.”

Everything is there. It makes no sense to me.

Could you please look into my question at your earliest convenience? Thanks!



Hello Skyraider3D,

can you please share with us the exact export settings that you use? Also, please give us the details about created model and its textures.

Did you clear the application cache before starting to use the latest version as recommended? If not, please do so and then open the project again.

Hi Zuzana, thanks for your reply. I have tried many different export settings, all with the same results. Also I tried various scans, all the same result (“file not found”). The program setup on my machine was fresh, as I bought a new PC (Win10). Old scans do seem to export, but not always do all the files get saved. New scans don’t export at all.

Scans vary from less than 100 at 10 megapixel to 2200 at 18 megapixel. Usually the files are on an external drive, but I have also tried on local hard drives and get the same error.

Cache is cleaned when I exit the program.

The specified texture is 8K or 16K.Models vary from 500K to almost 10M polys. These are the settings I use:

I hope you have any clue what’s happening, because I have spent countless hours on this but had no success in solving this mystery.

The only error I get:

This I get after it seems to want to start exporting. In the console it looks like this:

In this particular case it actually saved out an OBJ, MTL and the main texture but not the camera texture. It’s the best result I’ve had with a new scan. Usually nothing exports.

I hope you have any clue what is happening, because I am puzzled. I have the feeling it may be a permissions issue, either on my PC or related to the Capture Reality licence.



In follow-up to this, I did some testing together with Milos. The following results:

FBX with camera export enabled: works OK

FBX with camera export enabled as part of mesh: “file not found” after saving FBX and model textures. No camera texture and no info file.

OBJ with camera export disabled: works OK

OBJ with camera export enabled and PNG texture: “file not found” after saving OBJ and model textures. No camera texture and no info file.

OBJ with camera export enabled and JPG texture: “file not found” after saving OBJ and model textures. No camera texture and no info file.

Conclusion: the export fails when trying to export the camera texture.

Console screenshot of all four export attempts: