Serious Engine 1.10 released under GPL.

Not exactly the latest or greatest release, though. More like what id Software used to do with their old idTech releases. Still, might be useful to someone.

I would like to use Serious Sam 4 engine with Vulkan inside.

Well now this is interesting…

~ Jason

That was nice of them! :smiley:

This is super cool cannot wait to see what the community does with it :slight_smile:

I get a 404 at OP link

Cool release :slight_smile:

Ha, oops. Didn’t see this thread, since I would’ve figured it’d be in General. Feel free to delete mine over there, mods. :slight_smile:

Not the latest for sure, but it’s nonetheless great to see such a great part of gaming history released into the wild. Hell, there’s already someone working on a Linux port: Build with C++11 as unrestricted Unions in the engine require it; Add… · Ragora/Serious-Engine@10208c9 · GitHub

Icculus is working on this too:

Ah, the king of Linux ports working on a Linux port. Not surprising, but at the same time, if Ryan’s working on it, it’s going to be solid as all get out. Can’t wait for the inevitable “ioSerious” fork like has happened with Quake 3 (idTech 3) and Doom 3 (idTech 4).

I still really like how Croteam took the time to update the engine code to run on recent versions of Windows without resorting to compatibility mode trickery, though. That’s something I wasn’t expecting.

So many engines, so little time sigh.