Serious Clipping Problem

Hi, I have set up a ball with a velocity of 12k to hit a barrier. The thing is, the ball always goes through the barrier before it bounces off.
Some people told me that’s just how physics work and there is no workaround but I wonder why we can’t see it in polished games except for rare cases.
This is what I’m talking about:

I wanna add a couple of things to give more context.
-The barrier moves along the Y axis and controlled by the mouse.
-I’ve applied a Physics material to the ball only:

-I try to keep the ball at a constant velocity by running this every frame:

Hope you help me and Thanks!

Try CCD, and/or substepping.

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Thank you, CCD didn’t cut it but SubStepping did. It’s refreshing to learn a new thing.
These are the settings that worked best for me for any future newbies: