Series of Custom Animations

Hi, I have series of animations I want character to play. I have a “walk” animation, then press “E” to “stand on your knees”, and then press “W” to “stand” again.
How to do this? I have all of the animations, just a bit dont know how to realise it. Please help me, sorry for being a ******

Please halp

Why people suddenly disappeared from this forum?

You just need to do that with an attribute in your characterBP. Add a .kneeling attribute, toggle it on when you hit the kneeling key, maybe with some checks if your character can kneel (i.e. isnt moving).
Then in your animBP you just make a kneeling state that loops the kneeling anim. You can also do it with a 3state system where you have the standToKneel state that plays the transition animation, then it goes into the loop state until your kneeling variable is off, then you go to last state plays the kneelToStand anim.