Serialization Error won't let me open the editor

I am on Unreal version 5.0.2, and when I try to open my project, I get an error saying:

Serialization Error: Action Needed
Corrupt data found, please verify your installation.

I tried verifying my Unreal Engine installation, and that didn’t work. Also, I can open other projects perfectly fine, but this one won’t work.

Does anyone know why this is happening and what I can do to fix it?

Hi man ,
if you can open other project i think its a problem specific to this project.

I would suggest you to delete some folders and try again , and if nothing work ,
maybe you can make a new clean project and copy there your “Content” folder.
Be sure to use tha same engine you were using , otherwise dont work.

But before, as already said, delete all but the uproject file, tha content folder and the config folder.

Saved ,intermediate, derived data cache , builds , Folders can be deleted
But you will have to recompile all the shaderss