Sequnser Error

I’m working on a save system and need to use a sequnser, but when I conect the sequsner to 2 nodews, I get this erropr:
COMPILER ERROR: failed building connection with ‘Actor Object Reference is not compatible with Class 1 Object Reference (by ref).’ at Get (a copy)

Class 1 is the blueprint object I’m trying to save.
Can someone help me?

s this a bug?

Is this a bug, or is it anyone that now how to fix this?

Is Class1 an array of actors? If it is not, that is why you are receiving this error.

I also found this post that may be relevant for your problem. Blueprint Compiler Error: Failed building connection with 'Master Class Reference' is not compatible with 'Child Class Reference' - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

Yes, it is set as an actor in the SaveGame Blueprint

This was a bug in Unreal, I did create the blueprint and now the error is fixed, this is error is a bug and I hope that it will be fixed in the futuer versions of Unreal Engie 4