Sequential Arrays?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been looking around for an answer to this for awhile now using blueprints, not C++, C#, etc.
I know how to do arrays in blueprints, but think of it this way. Your array is a standard 2d array, array=[name,id], id always starts as 0 and whenever you add someone to the array ‘id’ increments by 1. You essentially create a Character database with all stats, etc on game initialization and just have a _is_in_party? variable attached so it doesn’t display when he or she wasn’t activated or added to the party.

I didn’t see this type of question posted, and I know how to do it using C#(lists), but not blueprint.

Not sure I truly understand your question, arrays are by default sequential already.

If I understand the question you want to create a struct that has an array as the member, and then create an array of that struct. Then you have an array of arrays.

Creating 2D arrays within blueprints requires structs and is not overly user friendly to work with at the moment, if datasets eventually become able to be updated at runtime then that would be the way to go.