Sequencer's "Allow Edit Levels Only" causes extreme frame rate drop


Use provided BugDemoV8 for faster demonstration.

  1. Open Sequence, and Play it. Performance is smooth and Frame Rate is above 100.
  2. Now put the Sequencer into “Allow Edit Levels Only” mode from its toolbar.
  3. Select the PostProcessVolume (Important).
  4. Play the Sequence again, and note the Frame Rate is below 10. The performance is frozen in a complex level.
  5. Unselect PostProcessVolume, and performance is normal again.

The more properties the selected Actor has, the worse is the performance under “Allow Edit Levels Only” mode only. Other modes are normal.


I have taken a look into the issue and it would appear that the bug has already been logged. If you would like to keep an eye on it, you can do so here in the public tracker.

-Thank you

Thank you. I will vote on it, even though Backlogged likely means, it will not be resolved.