Sequencer window won't open at all, where is it?

I’ve created a new level sequencer and usually when you create one a sequencer window should appear however it hasnt for me, also when I double click on the new level sequencer icon the sequencer window still doesn’t appear, does anyone know how i can locate it, thanks.

Have you looked behind your main window?

Anyone who are still having problem finding the SEQUENCER window, then increase your monitor resolution as a test and grab the sequencer and set the monitor screen resolution to normal. I used NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL to increase my monitor screen resolution from 1080P to 4K and after getting the sequencer back, I returned to normal screen.
Hope it helps…


You are cool! I spend 1 day to find answer, if not you, I would have suffered for a long time

I was having the same problem. Click on Window → Load Layout → Default Editor Layout. This fixed it for me.

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It helps me to, Thanks!