Sequencer Video render looks different

Been playing with Sequencer for a few days and for some reason it look different from when it plays in the editor and when played from outside of it. It looks darker then normal like the post processing doesn’t go threw with the video. Do i have to use the Custom render passes? Or is it something else?

I have noticed the same problem. the Engine LUT (Look Up Table) looks entirely different to the rendered movie LUT.

Are there any solutions to this?

when i import it into another software it looks fine like in blender video editing or a Adobe Premiere. Looks like the way it reads the format for the AVI on Movie & TV isnt the same. But so far it isnt a problem just use another software to view it

have the same problem

just turn off video compression under Render Movie Settings

i know its realy old post but i have same problem .After all those years i think you found the solution :slight_smile: please tell me how to do it ,I’m just stuck with it

yes i would like to know as well