Sequencer video render all black

I know I’m doing something wrong, I just can’t fiugre out what it is. Messing around in the ArchViz map with the cameras there and tried putting out one shot, noticed it as well black:

I made a level sequence, animated some of the fan to rock a little back and forth, and set a cine camera to the camera cut track:

Added it to another Level Sequence acting as the Master:

The thumbnail looks a little blown out, but it seems to reference the cine camera 14 asset there. And when I possess it wth the camera icon, it shows the frame

Just doing a basic render with the shortcut:

All black for the length of the sequence, during the rendering preview as well.

Set me straight please!

if you’re in play mode, or simulation mode and it’s still black
it’s probably the levels not being loaded
and you have to set the levels with the objects in it to initially loaded and initially visible

I dont know, this isnt intuitive at all. I’ve been editing for years and have a decent handle on Unreal, and this just seems incredibly convoluted to render a simple shot.

Make sure your camera and camera cuts camera icon are both turned on .
Try Cinematics-> Movie Render Queue (turn on plugin if it’s not there) This is the newer rendering process

Thanks Scott