Sequencer test with modular assets

Hi gang.

So this Friday I tried out the new sequence tool and it’s pretty fun and intuitive. Especially after watching Grayson Edge and Wes Bunn showing it live and also by following Wes`s Sequence tutorial which made it a breeze to work with. Thanks for such an awesome and powerful tool you guys!

Full video here:

Coming up next is getting a higher quality on the actual render. Any good guides out there on how I should be going about this?
I rendered this straight from UE4 in 60 fps (1920x1080) .png and then compiled it via Premiere following Vimeo`s guide (h.264 etc) but it is still not good as I want it. Do I really need to go 4K with this?

I will take a look at MSAA/AA settings (perhaps fool around with some ini files), LOD and got a tip of exporting as an *.exr image sequence instead of png so will give this a go. Also, will have a bit more interesting camera framing and editing as this was just the test.