Sequencer: Stretch Timespan With Several Keyframes

Is there a way to stretch a timespan with several selected Keyframes equally at the same time?
It was possible in Sequencer 4.11 (experimental), but not in 4.12.
At least i can’t find it, neither in the editor, nor in the documentation.

Hi Max,

Yes, you are correct, this was possible in 4.11. It’s still possible in 4.12 but a bit harder to get to. Right click on the area between your keyframes and choose “Properties->Is Infinite”


You should see the entire blue green track area shrink a bit. If they don’t, scroll left and right and find the bounds. You can drag the ends to the bounds of the keyframes. If you hold down ctrl while you drag one of the ends, it will scale.

A bit of background information here…

All the keyframes live on something we call a “section”. The section has its own in and out time. Those are the bounds that I mention above. Those can also be used to clip the keyframe evaluation. In the future, we’re planning other uses for these sections. But for now, we made them infinite so that there’s less confusion. In the future, we’re hoping to add other ways to scale keyframes without having to expose the section bounds.

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much for your quick response. This makes all so much comfortable to handle.

Hi! My current is version 4.21 and I wanna scale the keyframes directly from the sequence editor, is that possible? Or do I have to re-scale it manually one by one. I think that maybe there´s a shortcut to do that like in other programs such as blender that you can scale it and increase the number of frames or reduce it.

Thanks if you could answer me!