Sequencer stops "live updating" the viewport sometimes?

Sometimes when I’m working in Sequencer, the camera settings from the timeline like focus, zoom or position don’t update in the viewport so I can’t scrub around. Usually I can fix it by restarting Unreal Engine, but its rather annoying. Any idea what this is?

Hm, I think I bumped into this a few times.

If I remember correctly, it should update if you deactivate and then reactivate your current shot as the active camera link for your cinematic viewport. Do that by pressing the little camera icon on “Camera Cuts”.

Because that sometimes happened, I tend to change those settings in the Details panel. Hope this helps!

I was pressing the camera icon next to the camera actor itself without much luck (it would reset it just for one frame) - maybe the “camera cuts” icon will help me instead next time, thanks! :slight_smile:

I also had another issue today where the zoom and focus of the camera wasn’t accurate in the viewport compared to when I pressed play. It seems to fix itself when simply highlighting the keyframes of those particular settings - not sure what that is about either :confused:

Can you check that Realtime in the Viewport menu is toggled on?

I’ll check if it happens again, thanks.

Amazing!! Thank you. I was getting crazy. Pressing this icon now updates camera changes in viewport. Have a nice day!