Sequencer: Specular "Pops" with jump cuts?

Hi there!

I am using the sequencer. One Camera, for multiple shots.
The Camera position is changing rapidly from on frame to another, when a new shot starts.

I noticed a fair amount of specular “pops” that appear for 3-5 frames.
Since I am using just one camera and not multiple cameras, is there any way to fix that?

Or am I forced to duplicate my camera over and over again? :rolleyes:

Thanks for any thoughts on this!

Camera switching requires at least two cameras… Yeah at least two cameras! LOL.

I did try with single camera, keyframe the last and the “next” frame must be in new location. There wouldnt be any chance for visual pop from the camera.

Why would a camera switch require at least two cams?
If you have in the Sequencer one Camera, you can animate every single key, including the Transform nodes.
That means, your camera can be on Key-Frame 0 at a different location than on Key-Frame 1.

Yes, the camera has keyframes. And for sure it’s in the new location.
I can’t identify what’s causing the “pop”.

It’s not a camera shake I am referring to. It’s a rendering issue.

  • But it could be the warmup phase for the reflections?
  • Motion Blur?
  • A PostProcess Volume setting?

I already tested in the Render Movie Settings the following options:

  1. Warm Up Frame Count
  2. Delay Before Warm Up
  3. Dealy Before Shot Warm Up
  4. Delay Every Frame

If I am going to add a delay for every frame for 1sec, it fixes the problem.
The specular reflection “pops” seem to be resolved, but… .unfortunately… I can’t use it because it’s destroying the Motion Blur.

I can’t find any other useful solutions.
It seems you need to have for each shot an independent camera.

Any other ideas or thoughts on this?

Thanks and happy pixeling,

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Hard to tell without visual clues. Auto exposure? the only pop i had was shadows.

Unreal key points seem to relate to center shutter point. (As compared to being between frames) So there’s some oddities, especially with 1 camera, on start or end of frame.
I think because the objects are being moved into frame or lighting not quite calculated.

The issue i had with movement of camera was the curve that it had used. I think by default it was set to auto or something. I had to manually change it to linear or tweak the curve.

@BernhardRieder Did you find a solution for this?

I work the same way of using single camera and the pops are painful, I cut them out in the editing but that is no way to live, is it.