Sequencer shot not playing in Master Sequence


I have this problem with one of my shots in my Master Sequence. While i jump into that shot 0040_001
I setup a small camera movement and the animation works, but when playing the MasterSeq it doesn’t
play animate that shot (0040_001) What can be the problem? thanks.

Is it also possible to add more shots to the MasterSeq? f7a2beed5e67b2a7c7251a256606c2051831c8e7.jpeg

I’m having a similar issue but it’s with all my shots in the top level sequence. I’ve tried remaking the shot track and reassigning. All shots work when I double click on them though.

Yeah this is killing me too…any solutions ??

Hello? I’m having this bug now too. Is there any solution?

It works fine when playing in editor. Only my packed game has this issue… and it worked well before, I have no idea why this started.