Sequencer Rotation in 4.17 Is Broken

Anyone else having this issue with 4.17 and have a work around?

With previous versions I used to be able to set a keyframe at 0 degrees at 0 seconds and then 360 degrees at 5 seconds and have a complete revolution of a mesh. With 4.17 that’s broken. Try entering a rotational value higher than a certain amount and it snaps back to zero. What gives? I’ve submitted a bug report with Epic but it seems to me that this is a bigger deal and more isolated than the report let’s on.

This happens when rotating anything in sequencer - a mesh, a camera, etc.


Put together a little demo video.

It’s also broken in 4.18. Worked fine prior to 4.17.

You’re right. This is a bug that was introduced with the transform blending features. We’ll have it fixed for 4.19. Here’s the issue for tracking purposes: