Sequencer: Request Track Copy/Paste Functionality

I would very much like to be able to copy a track with all it’s keys and paste it to another group in Sequencer, as long as it will accept the track. I know that one can copy keys from one track and paste them to another, but I would like to be able to copy the whole track. I believe this functionality was available in Matinee and I find myself missing it.

Hi Aaron,

This functionality is coming in 4.15. The preview release is available now, so you could try it out.

Oh great! Thanks!

Is there documentation on how to do this?

You should be able to copy a track, ie. Transform and paste it to another object. Look at the right click menu on the object. There should be a Copy/Paste.

Unfortunately, you can’t copy an object track and its tracks yet. We’re looking to do that in a future release.

Does this copy/paste works under 4.15? I can’t do it using 4.15.1…

Should be some particular keyframes selected before copying from the track itself?

In the release notes it says: It’s now possible to copy and paste tracks onto compatible objects.

So, what does it means onto compatible objects? Is there any limitations? I’d be more than happy if I could copy/paste parameter track for material instances between two different objects under sequencer.

Appologies, just needed more testing…

It seems like it works outside the graph editor, in the regular sequencer just need to select some keyframes, right button copy, and right mouse button on the other object will pop-up a window telling where you want to paste those frames, great!

This always crashes my UE5

Confirmed crashes in UE 5.0.3.