Sequencer - Repeat Walk Cycle w/ out Root Motion

Hi All,

I’m new to Unreal and to these forums! Happy to be here.

I’m experimenting with Unreal for linear animation and have found that when trying to repeat a walk cycle in sequencer, the character will automatically jump back to it’s origin point. I’ve fixed this issue by using a walk cycle that keeps the character rooted in place and manually keying the character’s location so they move forward.

I’ve also found that instead of repeating a walk cycle clip by dragging its right edge along the timeline, you can duplicate the clip, line it up with the original and use the ‘Match with this Bone in Previous Clip’ option to offset the duplicate clip so that it lines up properly with the previous one. This allows the character to continue moving forward without jumping back in place. If Unreal allows you to match bones with the previous/next clip, does it not also offer a way to automatically perform this behavior? I don’t want to duplicate & match bones for 10+ clips. I could bring the animation into another program like MotionBuilder, but was wondering if its possible to keep everything within Unreal.

And just to clarify, I’m not trying to have a user control the movement of the character. I simply want to animate a character in a scene and set up some cameras.


I am also having trouble with this.