Sequencer render movie adds extra frames at the end.

I’ve been rendering movies out of sequencer but the resulting movies have additional frames at the end. You can see in the attached file that it adds like 2 additional frames where the particles in the scene get triggered again and the fox character goes to his initial rotation values (see file 1). I set the “when finished” attribute of the camera and some animations to “keep state” so it doesn’t look so bad. In the case of the camera when I set the “when finished” attribute to “restore state” the extra frames at the end are in the perspective camera (see file 2).

Thanks for the bug report. Unfortunately, the fix for this will be part of a larger refactor that includes fixes for other issues. I’ve mentioned this recently in another thread:

For your particular issues, we have an existing bug report that’s not publicly visible yet (hopefully in a day or so):