Sequencer Render...all black, why?

I somehow render all black on sequencer. I can see the sequence play just fine on cinematic view. I set my level to Always Loaded. All camera is playing fine. For some reason, when I render, it just gives me black. Is there something else I am missing here? Using 4.26, btw

Are you using custom render passes? I think they are broken in 4.26.

If not, the first thing I would check are your post processing exposure settings and eye adaption and project autoexposure settings. It’s likely they are not in sync across all 3 elements and your shot is underexposed to being all black.

If that still doesn’t work make sure your camera cuts track is showing preview thumbnails of your shot. If they’re black, there is something wrong with your camera animations.

If you’re rendering to EXR, make sure to turn off the alpha channel when importing to Premiere. (Also check your RGB/Linear settings.)

Also check the movie render queue and see if output is the same.