[Sequencer] Relative transform cinematics ?

Hello everyone.

I don’t understand how to create a Relative cinematics.

Let say I have a cube at 1 meter abover the floor (z : 1) and going at z : 0 in 10 frames.

To do that,

  1. I drag and drop a cube model in my sequencer (as a spawnable)
  2. I place it at 0,0,1
  3. I press S to create a key on its Transform track.
  4. I go on the frame 10
  5. I press S again

Then I want to play my cinematic let say at 0,0,0. Everything is fin, my cybe is falling from 0,0,1 to 0,0,0.

But How Can I do to play my cinematic elsewhere in my scene ? If I want my cube to go from 300,250,45 to 30,240,44, how to do that ?

Thank you.

We’re currently working on supporting relative tracks so that you can do exactly as you describe.

In the meantime, you could try parenting your cube model to another object and then moving that other object around so that the animation is relative to the parent object. It’s not necessarily an elegant workaround, but it might do the trick for you.

I manage to play my cinematic where I wanted by

  1. creating a Pawn in the scene
  2. Attach all my Actors and cameras of my cinematic to this pawn (right click on the Actor in the timeline => Attach)