Sequencer reference Keyframes via Blueprint

I’m trying to figure out how I can reference keyframes from Sequencer Tracks inside of a Blueprint.
Specifically I am trying to create this functionality:
In Sequencer you can add a Character (as a spawnable) and just set transform keyframes, where he is supposed to be at a specific point in time. During runtime I’d like to let the character navigate (using an AI-Controller and Navmesh) to these positions, while calculating the speed based on the distance of time and space between two keyframes.
Is there a way to get an array of transform- or vector-keyframes for a specific actor in a Level Sequence via Blueprint? Seems to be possible but mutlitple levels deep and I haven’t quite figured out the connections yet.
Maybe someone has already tackled the same problem?
Thanks in advance!

P.S.: I have found similar questions in the forum / answerhub, but since the answerhub has been integrated into the forums none of the picture links seem to work anymore. And most of the proposed solutions are in the form of a picture. Any way you could fix this?

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I’d also like to know an answer to this question