Sequencer, record keyboard input?

I may be getting something wrong here but I am trying to create a cinematic of various triggered events which are activated by the player pressing keys on the keyboard. We do not yet have a character model in the game we have simply set the engine up to perform certain animations when keys are pressed on the keyboard. So I can’t seem to get these actions captured because we don’t have a player actor.

How can I tell sequencer to perform these keyboard commands automatically or get it to record my keyboard inputs live then rerun that as it records the sequence?

I remember w had issues with this when the sequencer was new, I wanted to move my first person character around the level and his actions, mouse movements etc… would be recorded so I could capture it as a video but the mouse movements never recorded.

Any help here would be great!

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Hi djd711.

Did you ever find a nice solution for this?

Looking to do this exact thing! Figured recording input would have been easier tbh