Sequencer questions(rotation method and organization)

Hey everyone,
Looking to start using sequencer but I think I might just hold off, it just seems to me that it is missing 75% of the tools and options that were available in matinee, unless I’m missing the way of finding the options?

Been looking everywhere for the option to change the rotation method for a basic actor(static mesh) so that I can rotate it more than 360 degrees(within sequencer). Any ideas on where/how I can find the option go about this?

Also been trying to find information to go about reordering your tracks within sequencer, I sort of figured out the way to organize tracks based on labels but can’t seem to move any tracks up/down within the track view, and it’s also a bit frustrating that I can’t select large groups of objects and set them all to have the same label(currently have to go one by one, same thing goes for when adding a track to multiple selected actors). If this is currently an option and I’m just missing something any help would be much appreciated, but it would be great to have these options if they aren’t available already.