Sequencer - QoL

First of all - thanks for Sequencer! Really powerful and fun to work with tool, but I believe it lost some basic functionality during transition from Matinee.

  1. No hotkey for pause or stop button.
  2. No button or hotkey for backward play. It’s pretty important part of the creation process and exist in every editor I know, including Matinee.
  3. (This is not so important, I always can customize it, but still) Default hotkeys for sequencer are different to traditional non-linear editors and to Matinee. Not a biggie, but if Sequencer so influenced by cinema editing then good old JKL is more suited than arrows
  4. You can’t bind trims/splits to mouse clicks. It’s pretty common to trim or execute other basic commands with shift/ctrl/alt + click on the place of action. In current implementation you have to use keyboard for every action, which is kinda nuts(Maybe I’m just lazy)


Hey ze0rb,

  1. The hotkey is space bar, but can be changed in Keyboard Shorcuts under Editor Preferences
  2. We have request in our system for reverse play (UE-27539).
  3. I sent in a feature request for Trim Mode/JKL editing mode (UE-31424).
  4. Could you expand on the functionality you’d like for trim/splits on mouse clicks? I think I have some idea because I’ve used editing suites in the past, but I just want to confirm what you mean. Possibly with links to Avid or Premiere documentation on the topic.

-Matt W.

  1. Space bar is toggling “Play” on and off. So, for example if I bind Play to L then I can’t pause video with K, I have to pause again with L. And when Reverse mode get added - this pause won’t work either.
  2. Sweet!
  3. Nice!
  4. Sure, around 1:00 and around 2:20

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Ze0rb,

I modified both of the previous bugs I entered to include the idea of splitting up the shortcuts because it seemed related.

I also entered UE-31455 for a trim/split system that is based off of mouse location. Whether you would hold a modifier key to do this (I.E. Hold S and click will split the track at the mouse location) or some other method is yet to be determined. That example is what I suggested though.

Thanks for the suggestions!!

-Matt W.

Hi Matt!

Thanks for updates!
My experience with Sequencer in 4.13p1 is reaaally smooth now :slight_smile:
Also I’ve noticed you’ve added Shuttle functionality which allows to increase play/reverse speed by tapping it again which is beyond cool!
Default keybindings a little bit off though - “J” is used for “Shuttle backwards”, but “L” is “Toggle play” which stop playing on tapping it again. I just binded “Shuttle forward” to L and it works properly, but new users might be confused why “L” stop playing instead of speeding it up!