Sequencer previewing but no ouput

Hi, i have a quite weird problem.

I have 2 levels setup in my project, one for day and one for night, both aiming at rendering sequences. I also have 2 maps for cameras and 2 sequencer.

Here’s my problem :

When I capture my output for the day sequence, the video starts previewing and then is written onto my hardrive but when I try to capture the second sequence in my night levels, the preview starts, the camera plays ok but nothing is written onto my hard drive. I have browsed the log files and seen no difference that could explain this.

I tried the night sequencer into the day levels, works fine but both sequencers does not write ouputs from my night level.

Do you think it could be a parameter specific to my night level (though the maps are duplicated and plugged into differents map for lighting.) ?

Or do you think it could be a sign of a corrupted file ?

Any of you has vere encoutered this wierd behavior ? It’s driving me crazy and I really need to render this night sequence !!!

it’s not a problem on my computer. We tried rendering on another station too… same results

Hope one can help me solving this


For the records, I have found the cause of my problem : never ever use accentuated characters (I am french) in your map names… the exporter probably uses commands unable to use these symbols (it was an “é” used in “soirée”, renamed it to “soir” and the magic is here now, my sequence rendered perfectly in 4k )