Sequencer: playing animations problem

Hi directors,

I have a gunship as one skeletal mesh with bones and animations for them. All control surfaces have their own prerecorded animations (flaps up and down, gear, turrets, turbines, etc.).

I need to play multiple animations at one time (flaps going down while other control surfaces move left and right, or landing gears goes down/up and turbine rotates)

I place my skeletal mesh into sequence and assign multiple Animation track to this mesh. I populate each Animation with it’s own recorded animation. So I basically have something like this:

Problem: Sequencer messes up and sort of blends all animations playing at the same time (completely different parts of model).

How do I solve this? I can’t deconstruct whole model into separate parts and assemble it into UE4, that would be completely insane amount of work.

Thanks for your time. :slight_smile: