Sequencer playback speed ingame

When I hit Play Unreal sometimes renders my Sequencer animations at 2x-3x the speed. After I restart the editor its works fine again for a while. This even occurs if I set the playback speed manually to 1.0

Tested it with UE4.12.3 Linux and Windows.

Hi Kelteseth,

I haven’t seen anything like this happening on our end. Can you reproduce this in a simple example project? If so, can you attach it or send a download link? How long do you typically have the editor open before it starts happening?

If you’d like to send an example project privately, you can PM me a download link on the forums.

Hey Kelteseth,

Do you frequently change the Time Snapping Interval while you’re working? This is a tough repro and I’ll keep working on it, but I want to try and narrow down the cause on your end too.

EDIT: On a side note, I saw you’re using the “Create Level Sequence Player” node. We just had a really strange bug related to that node, perhaps you could try bypassing it the same way I suggested here.

Yes I’ve changed the Time Snapping Interval several times.

Please see my edit in the last comment. Does bypassing that node help at all?

Looks good so far. Thanks!

Just as a note, the bug for the “Create Level Sequence Player” node is UE-32420. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for playback speed issues when testing a fix for that bug.