Sequencer outputting game frame instead of camera frame on last frame when rendering

I’m trying to render image frames from Sequencer, but the last frame is not the Sequencer camera view but the game camera (when you click Play outside of Sequencer). So, for example, if I have a sequence of 10 frames (0 to 9) 9 frames look like the first image and the 10th frame looks like the second image (in the attachments). The camera cuts layer covers the whole timeframe (actually even outside the capture range to be safe).


It seems like the Sequencer rendering process switches back to the normal view too fast (before writing the last frame) messing up the last rendered frame.


  1. Create a new project.
  2. Create a new Level Sequence.
  3. In Sequencer add a camera and render to an image sequence.
  4. Since nothing was animated all frames should look the same, however, the last frame is different because of the bug.

Yes, unfortunately is a bug that we haven’t addressed yet. Another related issue is that if you have two subscenes and you snap them together, the first subscene’s last frame will be at the same time as the second subscene’s first frame. Both of these issues will need to be tackled together as part of a larger effort for frame accuracy in rendering. I’m hoping to get to this within the next few releases.

I’ve tagged this issue here (not yet publicly visible):

Same problem here, after rendering I also have a few extra frames for 1 second