Sequencer only playing one camera

Hello, I am new to using the Sequencer in Unreal and I’ve set up 9 shots over all around my scene. Each one of the shots plays perfectly. They all have their own sequencer.
I also have a master sequencer where I tried to combine all of the shots together by adding the Shots from each camera.
The problem is that then I render out the video it plays only the first shot, then it plays a random camera placed in the scene that I never placed. Could it be the first one not disabling to play the other one?
I tried using the Cut Tracks however that disables my any movement in the shots.
I also tried to render out each of the shots on their own and same issue persists.
What am I doing wrong?

Make sure Sequencer knows which camera is the active one by using a “Camera Cuts” track in your sub-sequences and adding the respective camera over the time period you want.