Sequencer : Only locking one viewport to camera


I’m currently working with Sequencer (in 4.13), and have two Viewports open. I want to be able to lock one of them to the Sequencer view, and have the other as a free-roaming perspective view. Is this possible? Currently the “Lock Viewport to Camera Cuts/Shots” button in Sequencer locks all viewports to it.


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I’ve just figured out how to do this, so I thought I’d explain in here.

In the Viewport menu (“v” button top left), there is a checkbox called “Cinematic Preview”. If this is unticked, that viewport will never be controlled by Sequencer.


I’ve found this post after a research about the same problem. But on my project both of the two viewports will switch to camera for some reason. Even when one of them (or both) are on default viewport and not cinematic. Anyone has a solution for this?

I guess it has been renamed, but it is still there and working. See screenshot @LeftBlue14

Thanks! I was trying to figure this out for days. Sometimes it would only take over my cinematic view port and most of the other time it would take over both. Just to clear it up you have to have one view port with cinematic view port checked, than another regular view port with allow cinematic control unchecked, as this is checked on by default. One setting in under the perspective viewport tab and the other is under the roll-out arrow in the top left of the view port.

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I’m so grateful! This has been bugging me for quite some time