Sequencer not updating with static mesh changes during PIE mode

Any Sequencer experts? I have 3 versions of instanced static meshes defined in my Blueprint Construction Script.
They can be switched in Play mode via keyboard input. Lets say the default is Version1.
When I try and record via MovieRenderQueue the render always defaults to Version1 even though I have switched to another version during PIE mode and is updated in the viewport .
In other words, the Sequencer Camera Cuts track does not reflect changes in the viewport during PIE mode.
Is there any way around this?

If you want something to change or happen in a sequencer your best bet is to set it within the sequencer. Movie Render I suspect just uses whatever the default is if it’s not changed or specifically set in the sequencer. it’s as if you simply restarted this app level without any button pushes or other events.

Interesting. Perhaps my approach is wrong then. Maybe I should be capturing Keyboard events directly in the Sequencer?

You can trigger or send things to blueprints in a track.
Easier - You could add the different static meshes as actors in the sequencer and then add visibility track to that and simply set it to show which particular static mesh you want at specific times.