Sequencer Not Playing Correctly In-Game/VR Preview

Hi Guys,

I’ve been having an issue with a sequencer animation over the past few days. Basically I animated a bunch of static meshes in the scene, simple key-framing rotation/location changes using the sequencer, nothing overly complex. This plays back fine in the editor and is acting how I’d expect and want it to however when I preview in VR and preview in general it doesn’t. Rather than playing smoothly as it does in the editor the animation is jumping from point to point seemingly at random creating a jumpy/staggered animation which is obviously undesirable.

Frame rate and stuff is fine from what I can see, so far it appears it’s the issue is solely part of the sequencer and it’s inability to play the animation in the game correctly. But yeah, whatever you guys think it may be will be useful to hear.


That’s a Bug, You should set your “Time snapping interval” to 120 FPS. it happens when you set it to seconds.