Sequencer Newbie Frustrations

Hello UE Team!

I’m very new to UE4, and trying to wrap my head around all of the controls. I have experience with DAZ 3D, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro. Getting a handle on the UI is a major hassle for newbies no matter what the platform.

One frustration I currently have is when I save a scene, and reload it later, the UI is often different. I get asked if I want to restore the items I had originally saved. Why wouldn’t I? When would I not want whatever I saved restored? I want all of the windows and settings exactly as I left them.

Since I can’t customize the UI the way I want, I should be able to rely on my saved settings being restored ONLY when I save. If I make a UI change and can’t figure out how to restore it, I need to be able to rely on my saved settings restoring it. UI changes should not be permanent.

Legacy settings are helpful. Rather than changing how simple things are done so we have to relearn every time there is an update, don’t remove the old way. Just add the new way and leave the decision to the user. Veteran users will appreciate not being forced to change how they do things until a more efficient way is presented to them, and they have the decision to change how they do things.

Thanks for listening.