Sequencer Motion blur in viewport, but will not render in sequencer output

I cant not figure out how to render a sequence with motion blur. It shows up in the viewport when using the “cinematic viewport” and viewing through the rendering camera. I’ve tried frame warm up, delay each frame, lock to display rate at run time"

What am I missing?

I have the same problem using Unreal 4.24.3 I can’t get sequencer to render with motion blur, but if I play the game, I see motion streaking. Can someone please help, this is a deal-breaker for me.

Alright, I think it simply doesn’t work in Unreal 4.24.3 nor 4.25 Preview. However, it works in 4.23.1. How do I bug report this and get this fixed before 4.25 is released?

Funny thing is that it works fine in 4.24.3 when render from command line