Sequencer missing features...

Recently I’ve discovered that Sequencer is lacking some minor but useful features that could greatly benefit people.

I’ll start with a feature that doesn’t really work (?).

  1. Select options don’t work

Link to picture

“Select Keys in Selection Range”
“Select Sections in Selection Range”
“Select all in Selection Range”

Those Selection features do not work with 4.19.2 version.
I’ve tested them in graph editor and timeline editor. It’s either not working or I’m doing something wrong.

  1. Moving keyframes in the Graph editor

Link to picture

Moving keyframes in Graph editor proves for UE4 to be a rather difficult task. I often end up with UE4 over using RAM for a simple task.
I couldn’t find a proper method to move keyframes on specific axis, dragging keyframes with a mouse is always risky.

There is no easy method to move keyframe in Graph Editor by numbers.

  1. Selecting keyframes in Graph doesn’t translate to Timeline.

It started to annoy me that, each time I want to move a keyframe I need to select a lasso and select ALL keyframes that I want.
This is becoming a tedious job when you get more actors to select.

Selecting multiple keyframes in Timeline can be a pain actually (unless you grab from bottom and move mouse to the top)

i shouldn’t necro an old question but just for people who may have this problem in future: i had a similar problem which was because i hadn’t set my selection range correctly make sure you have actually set a selection range (there should be two yellow vertical lines in sequencer showing your selection range) and it completely includes everything you want to select