Sequencer: Lock Viewport to Shots - Viewports Not Updating

I’ve just gone through the new Sequencer tutorials and am unable to get any viewports to play my shots in proper sequential order.

When I select the ‘Lock Viewport to Shots’ button on the master sequence the viewport becomes a Cinematic viewport. Then when I press play, the viewport pops back to the Perspective camera, though it is still in Cinematic mode. As the timeline plays through, I can see both of my cameras for shots 1 and 2 doing what they are supposed to.

If the sequence is on Shot 1, I can use the viewport dropdown and select the correct placed camera for that shot and it will play fine. The same is true if I am on Shot 2. Each camera only shows up in this dropdown if I am on its shot though.

My understanding is that by opening the master sequence and clicking the ‘Lock viewport to shots’ button, the viewport will then play the entire sequence with the shot cuts.

The tutorial says to add a Level Sequence and then call it ‘Master’, not to actually add a Master Sequence object.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?


Hi Roman,

Have you create a camera cut track in each of the shots and chosen the desired camera for that shot? The camera cut track will indicate which camera should be looked through. Here’s more information about it: Camera Cut Track | Unreal Engine Documentation

Let me know if that doesn’t work out.

Hi I have a similar issue. On splitting up my scene into levels the references were broken in Sequencer. After reassigning the refs I found the cuts weren’t happening. Your answer pointed me in the right direction. Reassigning the cam refs on the cut tracks didn’t work but remaking the cut tracks from scratch fixed my issue. I guess the cut tracks get permanently unlinked somehow in this instance.