Sequencer Loading


I’m wondering if someone can confirm some behaviour for me;

If I render out a still image sequence from sequencer, will it load all assets before saving the image or is it just going to run real-time? My gut feeling is the later.

so… with the RTX cards and UE4 support now online, is there a way to slow down the processing of each frame to allow the real-time ray traced solution to mature before it’s saved?



It will do its thing and if it needs more time the frame-rate will go down ;). It won’t try to achieve a certain frame-rate and then skip things if it doesn’t have enough time.

If that is what you are asking? As far as I know, it’s save to render a sequence unless you don’t have enough video memory to load all textures used. You can try to disable “texture streaming” but it won’t give you more texture memory then you physically have and is assigned to the texture pool.

Of course, i was stuck in a mental cul-de-sac, thanks for helping me out of it.