Sequencer Issues: Audio Syncing with Video

Hi, I am new to Sequencer and trying to put together an Archviz fly through of an interior house with many different shots.

I have laid down a long song over the scene and cut between shots, syncing with the song. (Ie one video shot cuts to another shot when the music becomes quieter etc).

I am having mayor issues when with syncing the music to my video. The music doesn’t sync with my video when I try cut it together. When I stop the sequence and try restart at the same place the music always starts at the beginning of the song instead of where it was just playing, which means everytime I want to sync a video cut with the change in music I have to play the entire sequence from the beginning and try sync it that way.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

Sounds like it just triggers the start playing of the song, not storing position or anything. Can you add music after, or if the final thing will run on a computer - will it always be run from start? Then it’s ok(but frustrating to make).

A workaround would be to take the song, cut it to small pieces in external software, then trigger each piece in order in the sequencer, so that it will only go for a second or two before launching a new bit of the song. This will sound like ■■■■ unless you are good with audio and plan it right, but it would work as a temporary workaround while building.

Never used the sequencer myself, hopefully someone who does comes along(but you might be in wrong subforum).

Having the exact same (5 year old) problem. Other than cutting up the music into little snippets, is there another solution?