Sequencer Issue with Camera Rotation

Does anyone experience the same problem with me, when keying a camera rotation beyond certain angle, the sequence will play with wild crazy camera rotation moves. It happens when you rotate and key a camera and the value automatically pops to negative. Like you key 270 but it automatically becomes some negative value.

Yes, it happens with intermediate key frames added. So you start at yaw=0 at frame 0, rotate to 180 at frame 100. Go back in and add a key for 90 at frame 50, it sets the rotation to 1200 and the camera spins. Add to that the bias for the curve fitting and it’s nauseating. Don’t know what the problem is, but if I figure a fix, I’ll post it.

Hello again, here is the work around. For intermediate key frames, pick a location, move the camera to the location but do not rotate. Enter the key frame. Do the rotation, enter the key frame again. It doesn’t seem to do that spin piece. Movement, keyframe, rotation, keyframe.

i usually use a box or something as a camera rig root, then I parent the camera below that.
and animate the box
then my camera is generally only animated dolly movements
then I hide the box