Sequencer: Individual shots play, whole sequence does not

Hello all. I’ve got a level sequence with two shots inside. Each shot does it’s thing and they play when I’m inside each shot. However, when I step back to the “master” level, the entire sequence does nothing. Halp :frowning:

Using Unreal 4.13

When I’m in my master level sequence, none of the shot thumbnails actually update. Even if I tell them to update. And I’ve checked the individual shots and they all work fine when I dive into them. I tried making a brand new level sequence with brand new shots and brand new cameras. Same results. I can’t even render out the individual shots. I get a render of nothing happening. What’s going on?

So I found the answer on a different forum post that was semi-unrelated to my post. Adding a Camera Cut to each shot, and in each Camera Cut adding my cameras, fixed the problem. However, I don’t know why that fixed my problem. I guess I don’t understand why simply including that allowed me to render and play all of my shots in sequence, when each individual shot was already playing just fine. This is my first time ever doing any kind of cinematic work =P Could anyone explain? I’d really appreciate it.

I was having the same problem. What I did was I went to individual shots , and in the camera cuts section I deleted the shot sequence, then clicked on the “camera” button in camera cuts ,then click on new binding ,then click on the cineCamera actor i was using in that sequence ,after that click on save .