Sequencer in 4.11 not updated?

So today I opened up the sequencer in 4.11.
I was very excided about the possibility to make actors spawnable, but I didn’t see any updates on this.

On the documentation there is something written about the sequencer and its possibility to spawn actors. You can find a link here:

But if I look into 4.11 I see none of the above. The Interface is still the same as the one from 4.10.
Some tracks are added, like the audio track, but they are completely useless.
You can add an audio track, but you can’t do anything with it.

It seems like the sequencer is broken at the moment, and it doesn’t match the release notes from 4.11.
Is this intended and do we need to wait for a hotfix or 4.12?

Hi Perfect Storm,

To add a spawnable actor to a sequence, simply drag the asset from either the Modes window or Content Browser into your level sequence. I must still caution that Sequencer is still experimental in 4.11 and there have been many improvements since 4.11 was branched.

If you’re REALLY curious to check out the latest and greatest, you can grab our latest 4.12 from GitHub.


Thanks, this is indeed what I was looking for.
The documentation doesn’t match this behaviour, that’s why I couldn’t find it.
In the tutorial it says:

From the Content/Mannequin/Character/Mesh folder, add the SK_Mannequin asset to the level.

Instead it should say from the content browser drag it into the sequencer.
I’m not sure wheter this behaviour will be different in 4.12 or not, but just mentioning it for you guys.

Thanks again for the help.

  • Ron

We have two different ways of handling actors, Possessables and Spawnables. The documentation points people towards the possessables workflow (which resembles how you would work in Matinee) as there are still some kinks in the Spawnable workflow for 4.11.

In 4.12 (actually, I don’t know if this is in 4.11) you’ll be able to convert possessables to spawnables by right clicking on a possessable track.


mr .Williams where i download 4.12 i have 4.11.1 enable sequner but missing few mode or function how can find cinematic mode or download

Hi samrat333,

We just split 4.12 off of the Master Branch into it’s own branch, which can be found on Github, as I mentioned previously.

You’re using this at your own risk though. This version of the editor has not gone through release testing yet and can be unstable. We would not recommend active development in anything but our Released engine versions.