Sequencer improvements

Ive been using sequencer a lot for my work and am running into some inconveniences.

  1. Root motion animations. Currently chaining together root motion animations doesnt work in sequencer. Playing root motion walk forward and then root motion sit down, casues character to snap back to starting position when playing the second animation. This makes root motion animations not useable in sequencer.

  2. Dragging multiple transform keys. say I have 5 transform keys that move the player while he is playing a walk animation. I want then to move the middle 3 transform keys X direction 50. I have to select each key and drag it one by one. I would like to be able to select all 3. And drag them all at once.

  3. Sequencer Events. Would be nice to add a bool to sequence events that says its direction (forward or backwards) I have some sequence events (play in editor checked on) which spawn stuff and change some material parameters. When I drag my sequencer time to be before that event these objects are not undone. If you passed in a bool into the event with the direction, I could use a branch node and undo the stuff if in reverse (bool false) and redo the stuff if forward (bool true).

  1. We have some features coming to 4.26 that you might be interested in. Here’s a very brief video on the feature, documentation to come later.
  2. You should be able to drag the selected keys. Maybe I’m not understanding your workflow. Another workaround is to enter the transform tool with ctrl-M and you can type in the number of frames to move the selected keys by.
  3. Probably not ideal, but you could create two event tracks, one that fires only forwards, and the one that fires only backwards.

Hey @Max.Chen thanks for the tips, looks like the new 4.26 feature will solve my root motion of #1. And tested out #3 workaround is working nicely for my case.

#2 Issue is still a large problem for me that comes up often. Ill explain it again more clearly. I dont want to move the position of the frames in the timeline, but I want to move the position of frame info in worldspace. My current workaround is to parent everything in the sequencer to a cube, that way if I move the level I can drag the cube to reposition the sequence. It would be ideal if I could select multiple transform frames on this path for example (by control clicking on them in editor view) - can of course select them in sequencer no problem. And then drag the frames around with the gizmo. That way I could move the three selected frames all in the X direction 50 at once, without having to select the frames one by one and then dragging them