Sequencer ignores blueprint actions

I have a problem with the sequencer where it will ignore a part of my blueprint but only in sequencer. This works perfectly fine when I press play.
I am using a spline and make actors walk along this spline, when they reach the end they are moved to distance 0.
However in sequencer they are moved like 20% of the time and they are added collision (i think) because they start to pile up at the end and get shot to space after a few actors get to the same spot. This even though i remove collision in the spawn block AND in the begin block. I have tried to also spawn an actor every second and then destroy it at the end, which again works for play but not sequencer.

Ofcourse I solve it within 30 mins of posting after struggling with it for two days.
I just updated actor location to first spline point before setting distance along spline to 0. Not sure why this worked.