Sequencer: How to stop / freeze animation at specific location / position in the time-line?

I am using mocap data and load animations into the sequencer that includes skeletal mesh and keyframes on all of their bones.
I add an animation to the skeletal mesh. And at the end of the animation, I would like to “freeze” the position of the animated character.

Character is falling on the floor. Freeze. Character should not leave that position.

How to freeze or stop the animation at that specific location / position?

thanks for any little help,
appreciate it!

in case someone else is searching for asolution.
Select the object in the sequencer. Right mouse click–>Properties–>When finished–>Keep state


Or something like this (UE 4.26) :

Bernhard - you just saved my day! Until I stumbled to your post all I could find were complex ways to achieve this using BPs. Thank you for posting your solution!